Dog Boarding – Tips to Keep Your Dog Comfortable

Provide Your Puppy With a Pampering Session and Adorn Them With Personalized Items Prior to a Pet Parade

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If your new, long-haired puppy will be walking beside you in your neighborhood’s upcoming pet parade, treat them beforehand to a pampering session and adorn them with personalized items by completing the steps below. On the day of the event, proudly display your pet and invite friends and family members to take photographs of the two of you as you both strut down the road.  Materials pet-sized wash basin buckets of lukewarm water pet shampoo cup towels detangling spray flexible pet comb soft-bristled brush hair dryer scissors nail clippers pet treats monogrammed bandanna and leash personalized hair ribbons Wash Your Puppy’s Body  Add a shallow amount of lukewarm water to a pet-sized wash basin. Gently pick up your puppy and place them in the basin. Support your pet’s body so that they do not accidentally slip while inside of the tub. Speak in a soothing voice as you slowly pour cupfuls of warm water over their back, neck, tail, and top of head. Avoid getting water in your puppy’s eyes or ears, since this could alarm them and cause them to panic. Pour a few drops of pet shampoo onto your pet’s back. Massage the lather into their body. Add more shampoo as needed, until your pet has a light, even coat of lather on their body. Use warm water to rinse the shampoo. Wrap your puppy’s body in a towel before lifting them from the wash basin.  Eliminate Knots and Trim Overgrown Fur Use a flexible pet comb to comb your puppy’s fur. Avoid tugging on sections of fur that are knotted. Instead, spray knotted portions with a detangling spray. Once all of the knots have been eliminated, dry your pet’s fur with a hairdryer that is adjusted to a low setting. If there are any sections of fur that are longer than others or appear to be uneven, trim them with scissors. Fluff up your puppy’s fur by brushing it with a soft-bristled brush when finished. Trim Nails and Prepare the Adornments Inspect your puppy’s nails. If they need to be trimmed, clip the clear section that surrounds the darkened middle. The darkened portion of each nail contains blood vessels, which could cause your puppy’s nail to bleed if cut. Lay your puppy on his/her side in order to clip the nails on the back feet. Praise your pet when finished and offer them one of their favorite treats. Loosely tie a monogrammed bandanna around your pet’s neck. Purchase a matching leash and hook it to their collar. Finish preparing the embellishments by securing loose sections of fur behind your pet’s ears with personalized hair ribbons.  For more help getting your puppy ready for the parade, talk to a pet grooming service near...

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Relying On A Boarding Kennel For Your Guinea Pig? 3 Ways To Make It A Good Experience

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When you’re planning a vacation away from home and are going to be away for several days to over a week, it’s important that you make arrangements for all of your pet’s care. If you have a guinea pig and are thinking of using the services of a boarding kennel, you’ll need to make sure that you do your best to ensure that your guinea pig is comfortable and isn’t experiencing any extra stress that could have been prevented. If you’re unsure of what’s involved in a good boarding experience for your guinea pig, consider some of the following tips. Find Boarding Kennels Experienced with Exotics When you begin comparing different boarding kennels, it’s a smart idea to prioritize kennels that have past experience with exotic pets. While your guinea pig may be fairly easy to care for, a boarding kennel that typically cares for exotics will likely mean a comfortable experience. Another benefit, besides experienced employees, is that a boarding kennel that cares for exotics regularly likely will have a space for cages in somewhere that’s quiet and kept away from dogs and cats. Make Sure That You Can Bring Their Regular Habitat Another thing to look for when you begin making plans to bring your guinea pig to a boarding facility is a facility that allow you to bring in their regular habitat. While some kennels might have nice accommodations for exotic pets, including their own enclosures, your guinea pig will be much more comfortable staying somewhere that they’re already familiar with and feels like home. Making sure that the habitat you bring has a bed that they can hide in, as well as their regular food, and toys can help them feel more at ease when in the new environment of a boarding facility. Look for Kennels with Overnight Care and Veterinarian Help While your guinea pig may be in good health right now, it’s still important that you find kennels that have access to immediate 24/7 veterinarian. Checking in the kennel vet services are also experienced with exotic pets can also help provide you with some peace of mind. As you prepare for leaving your guinea pig behind when going on a trip, you’ll begin to notice just how much of a difference being picky about a boarding kennel can make. With the tips above, you can help your guinea pig feel at ease and give you the reassurance that they will be...

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When to Have Your Pet Shaved

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When it’s 95 degrees in the shade, just looking at your golden retriever may make you hot. Even your cat may look miserable, although it can be hard to gauge a cat’s mood. Your heart goes out to your poor, panting pet who is stuck wearing a fur coat all summer long. Should you help your pet out by having all that thick hair shaved off, or should you trust that nature knew what it was doing? Dogs Some dogs that were bred for cool climates end up in Florida or some other state with extremely hot temperatures. As a result, you may need to help them out during the actual dog days of summer. Experts warn that short-haired dogs should not be shaved because they may suffer from sunburn when exposed to the sunshine. Long-haired dogs may get some heat relief if you remove most of their hair. However, you need to leave at least an inch of hair, or these dogs will risk having their delicate skin burned as well. If your dog tends to get hot spots, known as acute moist dermatitis, they probably make the area worse by constantly licking it. When you seek help from your vet for this condition, ask if shaving your dog will help. In some cases, the vet may recommend it. Also, an animal that suffers from extreme matting may need to be shaved if you cannot detangle the hair. Lumps of hair are uncomfortable for your animal. Cats Sometimes your cat may need to be partially shaved, such as when it has a skin condition or is too fat to properly groom itself. Vets warn that shaving your cat may not help it because the coat serves to insulate the body, keeping it both properly warm and cool as temperatures demand. As a result, you need to consult with your vet for an expert opinion before shaving your cat. Also, shaving your cat just for fun is not recommended, even if you really want it to look like a lion. A shaved cat is vulnerable to sunburn as well. Your dog or cat may need to be shaved on occasion, but you shouldn’t assume that the act will make them cooler. Sometimes, removing their hair makes them more vulnerable to heat and can lead to their getting burned. Before you get out the shears, talk to your vet. They will know what course is best for your particular animal. Click for more info about pet-grooming...

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Three Things To Ask A Breeder Before Buying A Goldendoodle

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Goldendoodles are often viewed as great family pets because they do not shed a lot and have a sweet, loving temperament. Goldendoodles are a breed created by breeding a golden retriever with a poodle. When looking to purchase a Goldendoodle, it is important to take your time to ensure that you are actually getting the Goldendoodle you want. The guide below walks you through a few things to ask a breeder before purchasing a Goldendoodle. Ask to See the Parents The first thing you need to do is to ask to see the parents of the Goldendoodle litter. You want to be sure that the parents look very healthy and that one is indeed a golden retriever and that the other is indeed a poodle. If the breeder cannot provide you with proof of who the parents are for the litter, you should pass on purchasing one of the dogs because the dog could be a different breed entirely.     Ask to See Vet Records Before purchasing a puppy, be sure that he or she has been dewormed and received at least their first set of shots. You may also want to require the breeder to take the puppy to a veterinarian for an initial physical to ensure that the dog is in good health and ready to be adopted. When the breeder takes the puppies to get their first shots, there should be a shot record that he or she can provide to you. Ask to See the Living Conditions Ask the breeder to come and see the living conditions of the puppy. You do not want to meet the breeder out at a restaurant or store because you will not be able to see how the puppy has been living for the past few months. Seeing where they are living will help you to determine if the puppy has been properly cared for and treated well, or if you could be purchasing a puppy who has been mistreated. Buying a puppy who has been abused or neglected can be very difficult because you will have to rebuild the trust for humans that the breeder broke by mistreating the dogs. A great breeder will have no problem proving that they are doing what is right for the dogs. Many great breeders keep the parents and the puppies in the safest, most comfortable environment at all times because they actually love the dogs and are not just interested in the money that they can get for selling the puppies. For pet day care and boarding, contact a business such as Karla’s Pet...

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2 Unsafe Kitty Favorites – And Safe Cat Toy Alternatives You Can Try

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Cats are curious creatures, and they find ways to play with some of the strangest things imaginable. While this characteristic is cute, it can potentially cause harm to your cat. Here are two common cat favorites that aren’t safe for them to play with – and alternatives you can offer which are. Crinkly Plastic Cats may find the sound that pieces of crinkly plastic (like the plastic film covering DVD cases) absolutely irresistible. Maybe your cat swipes bottle wrappers or attacks grocery store bags. Unfortunately, all of these are unsafe for cats to play with. Cats can potentially consume smaller bits of plastic that they break off with their teeth, which can cause intestinal blockages or vomiting, or get tangled up in larger bags and end up getting choked or suffocated. Try to keep your cat from coming into contact with plastic debris that they might enjoy. If they can’t get enough of the crinkly sound, try buying a crinkle toy from your local pet store. These toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, like pet beds, tunnels, and more, and they make the same crinkling sound when your cat steps on them. Unlike plastic, the fabric on the outside is sealed, keeping the crinkly material away from your cat’s mouth. Hair Ties Hair ties, whether they’re made out of fabric or plastic, can be quite appealing to cats. However, hair ties can be potentially eaten by cats, either causing a blockage or forcing them to vomit it back up, which could choke them. Chances are if your cat likes hair ties, they probably also enjoy playing with anything else that’s circular, like twisty ties that often come on bags of bread. Make sure to keep all these objects away from your cats. As an alternative, you can offer round cat toys made out of fabric to your feline. They’re flexible and share the same shape that seems so appealing to your felines. If your cats only seem to enjoy your hair ties, try carrying the toy around with you for a while so it gains your scent like a hair tie would. Cats are like babies: If there’s a chance that they might eat something that isn’t food, chances are it shouldn’t be around your cat. Even if you love seeing your cat enjoy themselves, it’s not worth risking their health over. Veterinarians have seen cats eat and play with many things they shouldn’t, so if you can’t seem to find an alternative that works for your cat, try asking a veterinarian like those at Ark Veterinary Hospital for...

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Why You Should Board Your Dog Instead Of Bringing Them On Vacation

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If you are going on vacation, you might want to to bring along the family dog. While in some instances this might be workable, there are other types of trips where this might not actually be very fair to your dog. Here are four reasons you should opt for boarding your dog the next time you are out of town. 1. General Safety Vacations can have many variables, including travel dangers and escape possibilities once you are at your destination. If your dog is skittish or doesn’t listen to commands when they are overwhelmed, a vacation might be more than they can handle. Bring your dog to a boarding facility, like Alpha K-9 Kennels, where they will be safe and well cared for, so you don’t need to worry about them while on vacation. 2. Know Your Dog’s Routine Pets thrive on routine, and this is something that might be hard to achieve on vacation. If your dog is at a kennel, there will be specific feeding, play, and rest times. This will keep your dog healthy and at ease while you are away. If you cannot ensure a normal schedule for your dog while on vacation, a dog kennel might be a better option. 3. Fully Enjoy Your Vacation Even if you think that you will have a better time on your vacation if your dog is there by your side, this might not always be achievable. There might be restaurants or hotels that aren’t as accommodating as you expected. Don’t waste time on your vacation trying to source dog-friendly establishments and having to spend your trip making back up arrangements. There might be places that you hoped to visit will not accommodate your canine best friend. 4. Keep Your Dog Happy Sometimes there are dogs that suffer from anxiety and fear unknown situations. Bringing your dog along on a long road trip or to a vacation home that they don’t know can be unfair to your dog if this makes them anxious. Your dog might not be able to settle down and might be scared of going outside in a new environment. If your dog can stay at a dog kennel that they have stayed at before, they won’t be as nervous. Keeping your dog safe and happy should be a priority even if this means leaving them in a boarding facility while you are away. While some trips like camping or hiking can be great for dogs, others that involve long car rides and cramped accommodations might not be as feasible. Even if you will miss your dog, sometimes it is better for your dog to stay in a kennel rather than come along on your next trip. They will have fun at the boarding facility and will be happy to see you when you...

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Welcoming A New Puppy? Here Are The Most Common Mistakes When Training A Dog

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Welcoming a new puppy in to your home is an exciting time. One of the first things people do when a new puppy arrives is think about training. But beyond the basic commands of sit and stay, what else is there? It turns out, training a well-behaved dog involved a lot more than a few “tricks.” Here’s a look at some of the most common mistakes people make when training their dogs. Not fighting tooth and nail early on Two of the most important hygiene areas for a dog are their teeth and their nails. Unfortunately, these are the most often ignored. Your dog’s teeth should be brushed every day, or at least three times a week. Otherwise, you’re greatly increasing their chances of developing gum disease. This will lead not only to bad breath, but loose teeth and potentially big vet bills down the road. Your dog’s nails will also need to be clipped on a regular basis. How often depends on how much time they spend on hard surfaces that naturally grind them down. If you don’t instill these behaviors as a puppy, it’s much more difficult to get them used to it as an adult. Using a crate as punishment For many pet owners, the crate is a place for a puppy that’s been bad. If a puppy chews something they shouldn’t, it’s off to confinement. The thing is, dogs are den animals by nature. Their instincts make them feel comfortable in their crate. Instead of using your crate as punishment, use your dog’s natural desire and make it a place for your puppy to feel secure. Let your dog wander into in whenever they want to. This can have benefits down the road if you’re planning on doing any plane or car travel. When it becomes a punishment, your puppy learns to hate the crate, and will have trouble if you ever take them on a trip. Of course, even if you make a point to avoid these mistakes, training a puppy can still be a tricky task. There’s a lot to learn (for both owner and pet). Oftentimes, it’s best to just trust the professionals (such as those from Canine Companion) with your dog training. Every dog is different, but a pet trainer has seen every demeanor of pet, and knows exactly what to do with your dog. If you’re considering training for your new puppy (which you should), trust the...

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3 Tips To Help Soothe Your Cat While They’re At The Pet Boarder

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Finding a clean, reliable, and safe pet boarder is the very first step to making sure your kitty is safe and sound while you’re away from home. However, you can take steps beyond that to make sure your cat is as comfortable and stress-free as possible, too. Before you drop off your cat at the pet boarder, try these three tips to help keep them soothed while you’re away. Pheromone Collar If your cat tends to be stressed out when they’re around strangers, other cats, or away from home, consider buying a pheromone-emitting collar for them. These collars are sold at most pet stores and are often scented with lavender, which is also good for soothing anxiety. These collars look a lot like flea collars: they’re generally made of plastic, and will be a bit dusty with scented powder when you take them out of the packaging. However, instead of anti-flea medication, they produce a synthetic version of the pheromones mother cats produce when their kittens are nursing. This pheromone soothes the kittens and the mother alike, and the collar acts the same way to help calm your kitty without making them excessively dopey or sleepy from tranquilizers or anxiety medications. Bring Your Own Bedding Cats have an amazing sense of smell: it’s fourteen times stronger than a human’s. Now, just think about how much you enjoy the smell of freshly washed clothing or the fond memories that specific scents bring to mind. Using the scent of your home to help your cat feel comforted can be really beneficial for a cat that’s staying at a pet boarding facility. If your cat has a favorite blanket, pillow, or cat bed that they enjoy sleeping on, bring that with you and give it to the staff at the pet boarding facility. You can also bring your own blanket and give it to them, as your cat will take comfort in being able to smell your scent while you’re away. Favorite Food Cats’ stomachs, like humans’, sometimes react badly when they’re stressed out. Pet boarders usually offer really high-quality food for their clients’ pets, but that doesn’t mean your cat will want to eat it if their stomach is uneasy. They might even turn their nose up at it just because it’s unfamiliar to them. The best thing to do is to bring some of your own pet food with you and give it to the boarder to feed to your cat while you’re away.   Anything that makes your cat feel like their world hasn’t been turned upside down will help them to feel more at ease. You can also consider asking the staff if there’s anything they can recommend doing or supplying for your cat that their other clients do for their own. One place to contact for more information is Evergreen...

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3 Ways To Make Your Dog’s Boarding Experience Successful

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If you are going on a vacation with the family and you can’t bring your dog along then you may consider dog boarding. Dog boarding is a great option for your dog when you are going away for a short amount of time, since dog boarding will provide a comfortable environment in which their needs are always attended to and they are able to socialize with the other dogs that are staying there. However, it can be hard for you to leave your dog behind, especially in a strange place. To make this as successful as possible, you will want to consider these three things: Always Plan Ahead You will feel much more comfortable leaving your dog behind at a boarding facility if you plan ahead by researching the best facility in the area. You can even bring your pet into a facility for a visit, which gives you the opportunity to see how well he or she adjusts. This also allows your dog to have the opportunity to adjust to the environment. If your dog has anxiety about you leaving, then you can even let your dog stay overnight to see how well that works out for him or her.  Pack Properly You shouldn’t just drop your dog off at the boarding facility and expect them to adjust without bringing anything along from home. Instead, be sure that you pack properly by bringing a familiar blanket that your dog usually sleeps on or a favorite stuffed animal toy. You should also be sure that you bring along medications that they need to take, obviously, as well as dog food if your dog is on a strict diet. You may even consider writing out a list of your dog’s special needs if he or she has any that you want the boarding facility to be aware of.  Saying Goodbye Properly Once you are ready to take off for your trip, you will find that the hardest part is leaving your pet. This can be hard on your pet, as well, so it is important that you say goodbye in the best way. Keep in mind that your pet will feed off your emotions, so it is important that you are calm and collected. And instead of making the goodbye prolonged, consider a quick goodbye and it should be much easier on you and your pet. Spending some quality time the night before you drop off should make this easy, as well.  By following these three steps, dog boarding can be easy, simple, and extremely convenient for you. And once you come home, you will be happy to come home to a happy dog who is ready to go back home with...

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Can Special Needs Dogs Go To The Groomer? What You Should Know

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When you adopt your dog and they become a part of your family, you never imagine that your dog is or could ever be considered “special needs.” However, if your dog has mobility issues such as a missing limb, or sustains an injury that renders them unable to stand up on their own for prolonged periods of time (spinal cord injury, nerve damage, or torn ACLs, to name a few conditions), most veterinarians and pet grooming facilities would consider them special needs. Because you still want your dog to be able to get the same care as others, get to know if and how your special needs dog can receive pet grooming services.  Can Your Dog Stand With Proper Accommodations? When a pet grooming service is presented with a dog with special needs, some will turn them away without a second thought because they are unable or unwilling to do any work outside of the norm when pet grooming. However, there are plenty of pet grooming services who will work with your dog if you are able to come up with workable solutions to certain issues.  The biggest question is whether or not your dog is able to stand up given proper support and accommodations. When a dog is being groomed, the person washing them will need to be able reach their belly and the inside of their legs to ensure that they are completely clean and that the shampoo is rinsed off.  This means standing for several minutes at a time. If you have harnesses or supports you use at home for your dog to help them stand to urinate or defecate, or walking supports, show them to the groomer and see if they can use your supports or have similar options to accommodate your dog. If you provide the groomer with an idea of how to accommodate your dog safely and efficiently, they will likely be happy to work with you and your pet. What Is Your Dog’s Temperament? Because many special needs issues are the result of a traumatic injury, pet grooming services may be reluctant to work with special needs dogs for fear of the reactions your dog may have to the grooming process. Your dog’s general temperament may have much to do with that reaction.  If your dog is generally compliant with veterinary care and with their body being moved and manipulated, then likely the groomer will have no problems with them, but you should be as sure as possible ahead of time. You do not want your dog to bite or scratch the groomer when being bathed. You can test this by attempting a basic bath or grooming session at home to see if your dog winces or reacts negatively when being moved or touched so that you can let your pet grooming service know what areas of the body or movements may be problematic.  Now that you have a better idea of how your special needs dog can receive grooming services, all you need to do is contact groomers and find one willing to work with...

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