dog boarding - tips to keep your dog comfortable
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dog boarding - tips to keep your dog comfortable

We adopted our dog about four years ago. Since then, our family has not gone on a vacation because it is difficult to do with a canine family member. As I watch my kids grow up and hear all of the stories that my friends tell me about their family vacations and all of the wonderful memories that they have created, I regret that we haven't gone on a trip. I began looking into some options for boarding my dog and found some great places to take him. Then, I began looking up information about how I can make his time at the boarding center easier on him. To learn the tips that I have found about keeping your dog comfortable while he stays in a boarding facility, go to my site.


dog boarding - tips to keep your dog comfortable

Relying On A Boarding Kennel For Your Guinea Pig? 3 Ways To Make It A Good Experience

Cecil Hanson

When you're planning a vacation away from home and are going to be away for several days to over a week, it's important that you make arrangements for all of your pet's care. If you have a guinea pig and are thinking of using the services of a boarding kennel, you'll need to make sure that you do your best to ensure that your guinea pig is comfortable and isn't experiencing any extra stress that could have been prevented. If you're unsure of what's involved in a good boarding experience for your guinea pig, consider some of the following tips.

Find Boarding Kennels Experienced with Exotics

When you begin comparing different boarding kennels, it's a smart idea to prioritize kennels that have past experience with exotic pets. While your guinea pig may be fairly easy to care for, a boarding kennel that typically cares for exotics will likely mean a comfortable experience. Another benefit, besides experienced employees, is that a boarding kennel that cares for exotics regularly likely will have a space for cages in somewhere that's quiet and kept away from dogs and cats.

Make Sure That You Can Bring Their Regular Habitat

Another thing to look for when you begin making plans to bring your guinea pig to a boarding facility is a facility that allow you to bring in their regular habitat. While some kennels might have nice accommodations for exotic pets, including their own enclosures, your guinea pig will be much more comfortable staying somewhere that they're already familiar with and feels like home.

Making sure that the habitat you bring has a bed that they can hide in, as well as their regular food, and toys can help them feel more at ease when in the new environment of a boarding facility.

Look for Kennels with Overnight Care and Veterinarian Help

While your guinea pig may be in good health right now, it's still important that you find kennels that have access to immediate 24/7 veterinarian. Checking in the kennel vet services are also experienced with exotic pets can also help provide you with some peace of mind.

As you prepare for leaving your guinea pig behind when going on a trip, you'll begin to notice just how much of a difference being picky about a boarding kennel can make. With the tips above, you can help your guinea pig feel at ease and give you the reassurance that they will be comfortable.